Women's Hockey Club of Toronto

The Spirit of the League

The Women's Hockey Club of Toronto (WHCT) is an adult recreational non-body-checking ice hockey league open to women who are gay and/or gay-positive.

The success of the WHCT is a result of the commitment of its members to abide by the founding spirit of the league. That spirit is to play the game of hockey in a sportsmanlike manner respecting not only your teammates and opposing players, but also the referees, timekeepers, Moss Park Arena staff and members of the WHCT Collective. We ask that you keep this spirit in mind.

We recognize that hockey is an emotional game but please keep in mind that your actions reflect not only on you, but also on your team and the league as a whole.

In particular, please recall that Moss Park Arena staff members have been very accommodating to the league over the years. Please interact with them respectfully.

Thank you for your cooperation. Enjoy the game and have a safe and happy season.

WHCT Collective

PLEASE NOTE: REGISTRATION FOR the 2017-2018 is now open.  Registration form is available by e-mailing whctcollective@hotmail.com.

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